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Van Alarm Packages

Viper 3102v Van Alarm Package

Utilising the Viper 3102V Alarm this package is specifically intended to offer protection from the organised thief. The Alarm is activated from the Viper key Pad and will operate independently from the factory Key fob. This allows the system to be active in a Key Clone theft attempt, as well as all of the standard alarm trigger scenarios.


Key Features include:


Front Door Protection

Rear Door Protection

Side Door/ Sliding Door Protection

Dual Zone Stinger Impact Sensor

Ultra Bright Blue Flashing LED

Full Analogue Vehicle Integration

viper 3102 best budget car alarm fitted by Londons best viper dealers Autodynamics for volvo jag and Range Rover

Knowing how these vehicles are targeted by criminals allows us to implement additional security measures. With this in mind we have incorporated a Rear Load proximity sensor into the package which will cause the alarm to trigger if "door peeling is in progress". 

van door peel Alarm prevents theft installed by Autodynamics Barnet for the best Thatcham Alarms and Trackers for vans and cars

Door peeling is when the perpetrators leave the van locked (for example when deadlocks are fitted) but bend the doors over to gain access to the tools within the vehicle.

Additional Features:


Independent Rear Impact Sensor. This sensor is mounted above the rear door slam panel and will cause the alarm to trigger if an attempt is made to Hammer/ drill out the door lock/ handle.


It is important to note this additional sensor will cause false alarms on occasion due to how sensitive it needs to be, to be effective.

Flashing Blue Clifford Windscreen Sticker. In some occasions a visible deterrent works as good as physical one. Many owners have found this bright Blue LED windscreen Sticker has led to their vans being left alone drawing attention to the aftermarket security on the van.

Viper 3102 Van Alarm Package Supplied & Fitted  From £379


Independent Rear Impact Sensor £99


Flashing Blue Viper Sticker £30


Mobile Onsite Fitting £65

flashing Clifford Sticker fitted by Autodynamics Barnet Cheapest Clifford & Viper Dealers

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