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      Meta S5 VTS 


Developed in response to the staggering increase in vehicle thefts, Meta Trak S5 Deadlock combines advanced immobilisation with Meta Trak’s new generation tracking technology, 24/7 control room monitoring and an easy-to-use app.


This solution works independently to your vehicle’s standard security. It has been assessed by Thatcham and meets their strictest approval criteria, which means that it’s trusted by your insurance company to offer the very best security.


While car makers’ techonological advances have brought you greater convenience, they have also left your vehicle far more vulnerable to new theft methods. Worryingly, vehicle theft has hit a six year high and this shows no sign of abating.


Using unregulated equipment bought easily and cheaply on-line, criminals can quickly bypass your car’s standard security. Often operated by organised gangs, stolen cars are likely to be stripped by a ‘chop shop’ and sold for parts, or driven into a shipping container and sold overseas.













Without ever entering your home, or touching the car’s key, thieves are able to open and start your vehicle and drive it away in just seconds.


Two transmitters or ‘relay’ boxes are used by the thieves; one is held close to your car and the other near to where you keep your key. This way, the signal produced by your key is lengthened, fooling the car into thinking the key is actually present.



The thief plugs a technical device into your car’s diagnostic socket (OBD port) and fools the vehicle into thinking that your original key is present, or programmes a new key.

A particular threat to non-keyless entry cars, your key is cloned, 





Our advanced immobilisation solution arms automatically when the engine is turned off - no need to phone a call centre or worry that you have forgotten to arm the immobiliser. When you are ready to drive off, simply press the ID tag to disarm the system.



Putting you in complete control and taking security to another level, Remote Deadlock Immobilisation can be activated via your smartphone app or web. Once activated, the vehicle cannot start, even with the ID tag present. Should you lose your ID tag, then you have the reassurance of being able to disarm the system via the smartphone app.




If any attempt is made to move your vehicle without the ID tag present, an instant alert will be sent to you and to our professional secure operating centre (SOC). Operating 24/7/365, the SOC will contact you to confirm whether the movement is unauthorised and will begin tracking your vehicle and liaising directly with the police.



The Meta Trak smartphone app and web allow you to stay connected with your vehicle, anytime and anywhere. Features include:


    •    Market leading tracking technology that delivers pin point accuracy and covers the UK and Europe

    •    Vehicle status updates, such as low battery, battery disconnect and service reminders


    •    Journey history, showing you the routes taken in the previous 30 days


    •    Car finder feature, which is great for locating your parked car and will guide you to the vehicle


    •    Geo-fence option, which alerts you if your vehicle moves in or out of a specified area, or breaches a set speed limited

    •    An option to select special modes from the smartphone app, such as privacy, service or transport

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No ID Tag. No Start.

The Starter Immobiliser arms automatically after the engine is turned off and disarms with the ID Tag.

Lock Down from App or Web

Deadlock Immobilisation is activated via the app or web, the vehicle cannot be started, even with ID Tag present. 

OBD Port Protection

For the prevention of key cloning, Meta Trak also provide OBD Port Immobilisation via the smartphone app or web.

S5 Deadlock PLUS

Integrate with your vehicle’s alarm and receive notifications in the event of a trigger.

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How is my Vehicle more secure? With Automatic Immobilisation!!

 Relay Attack

OBD Compromise

Key Cloning


Always Connected...

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