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Thatcham Cat 1 Alarms

Pandora Light Pro v2

Pandora Light Pro is a true all round package, incorporating  Car Security, Immobilisation, Remote start and telemetry into one compact unit. It can be used with Push to Start and Bladed Key Vehicles.The system has a dialogue encrypted 2-way remote control with a large OLED-display. New 868 MHz transceivers with the LoRa modulation extend remote control range up to 2 km in an urban area. An integrated Bluetooth 5.0 interface allows you to extend your system with a vast variety of additional modules and use a mobile app to control and adjust your system.

The Remote start function allows the user to configure automatic starts by weekdays, hours, engine temperature, voltage, as well as providing a turbo-timer function.  Pandora’s advanced algorithmic sensors allow the system to distinguish various events, like jacking (in case of wheel theft attempts) and give corresponding notifications, even when the engine is running in remote start mode.

New for 2020 Thatcham Category 1 Alarm Status, with battery back-up.

Pandora Light Pro V2 Fitted by Autodynamics London
pandora car alarm driver tag Autodynamics
Pandora Light Pro V2 Thatcham Alarm unit
Pandora light pro v2 pager Autodynamics ltd your London Dealer

Driver Tag Prohibition Disarming:


With the Bluetooth Driver tag out of range, the Pandora immobiliser and Alarm are not disarmed, even if the thief has intercepted the factory coded keys with a Roll-jammer or other Key Cloning/ grabbing device. In this way Pandora protects your car more efficiently than a simple alarm system, preventing the thief from staying in the car and attempting to start the engine.

Anti-HiJack mode*: 

Prevents the vehicle from being stolen. In the event of a Hi-Jack, Pandora will Block the engine while the owner of the car is at a safe distance from the vehicle.*optional extra, additional costs may apply for some vehicles.*Please note this feature is not evaluated by Thatcham.

Two-way communication:


Full control of the alarm from the remote control and notification of a violation of the vehicle up to 2000 meters. The advanced Pandora vibration, movement and lifting sensors allow the system to distinguish the various events and give the corresponding alerts to the owner, even when the engine is in the remote startup mode. In addition, the OLED display of the remote control displays a number of telemetric data such as: battery voltage, indoor and outdoor temperature, fuel level *not available on all vehicles, signal level, & clock.

Encrypted communication: 

System communication is via automatic multi-channel frequency switching at 868 MHz, with standard AES-128 algorithm for encrypted communication with the remote control, to ensure that the vehicle remains secure.

Telemetric OLED

The beautiful and modern remote is equipped with an OLED display, which allows the user to see all the signs even in direct sunlight. The OLED display and updates are more than the common anachron LCD controls, as well as the ergonomics of the moving image sets new standards in the security system market.

Integrated Accelerometer: 

An integrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and perform engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.

Low Power Consumption:

The most modern algorithmic solutions, the latest electronic components and the new MCU Cortex M4 allow you to extend the system’s operation time in “Arm” mode as long as possible without the need to recharge the battery.

pandora bt app from Autodynamics London works with iphone and Android.

Key Features: 

⦁    Two-way operation from OLED remote control
⦁    Additional Activation from factory remote controls
⦁    Immobiliser bypass technology
⦁    Built-in Turbo timer
⦁    ARM m4 Cortex CPU
⦁    Digital bipolar vibration and tilt / lift sensor
⦁    Analogue inputs / outputs for non-canbus vehicles
⦁    Dual integrated Can-bus high speed up to 1Mbit / sec
⦁    Integrated LIN-bus
⦁    Multichannel 868MHz communication frequency
⦁    USB Port to connect with ALARM STUDIO
⦁    Panic alarm
⦁    Small-sized central unit for installation in non-accessible areas

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