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      Meta Pulsar 

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 Meta Pulsar * Self Powered Tracking *

Small & Discreet

Due to its compact size the Pulsar can literally be installed anywhere...Tight space? No problem!

No Wiring Needed

Since the unit does not need to be hard wired, install locations and Pulsar Tracker uses become more plentiful 

Replaceable Batteries

The onboard powerpack lasts for up to 3 years.(included)

Ultimate Backup Tracker

The Pulsar works as an ultimate covert emergency tracker on high value/ risk assets.

Stay informed of your assets whereabouts

The device wakes to perform a daily health check - its position is updated, commands are executed and notifications sent to you.

  • Geo-fence breach notifications will alert you to any unauthorised movement ​

  • Google map view will show you the exact location of your assets

  • Activation of Theft Mode will communicate the asset's position every 60 secs

Additional wake up times can be configured by the user at their chosen frequency. 

meta Pulsar app price.png

Meta's Professional Theft Management Service Takes the Stress out of Asset Recovery

£299 Supplied + £9.99 Postage

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