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Pager Alarms

Viper 3203v

Viper 3203 Two Way  Remote Alarm System

This alarm package will protect your Push to Start or Bladed Key Vehicle against theft via key cloning using a two way encrypted pager alarm system that will notify you if entry is forced via its LED Key fob. Your vehicle will also remain immobilised whilst armed preventing against theft and can also work Fully Independently of a Factory Alarm System.

Once the Viper System is armed it will not allow the vehicle to start, as the Viper independently immobilises your car. In addition to this any attempt to gain access to the vehicle using a factory Key without disarming the Viper, will lead to an instant Alarm alert, which will also ring through on the Pager Fob.  

Product Main Features:

• Revenger® Six-Tone Siren or Horn integration

• Tone and Vibrate Alert Modes

• Control Center with Integrated 

• Valet Switch and Bright Blue

  Status LED

• Confirms commands and notifies of triggers with Ghostlights™ LEDs


• 24 Channel Security/Keyless Entry System

• Parking Light Flash

• Flex Relays and Light Flash

• D2D Port for Plug-in Xpresskit Vehicle Interface


•Includes One 5-Button 2-Way Remote and One 5-Button 1-Way Remote

•Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor

•SuperCode Technology - up to 2000 foot range

•Engine Immobilisation 

•5 Auxilliary Channels

•On-Board Door Lock Relays

  • LCD Long Range Remote (Optional extra)

  • CAN BUS Interface (needed for some vehicles for correct functionality) (extra) 

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