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Upgrade Alarms

330X1 Clifford OEM Security Upgrade System

The Clifford 330X1 New CANBUS enabled systems from Directed add full security to the factory keyless entry system. Clifford CANBUS security upgrade systems are vehicle specific. They are programmed with vehicle specific firmware that communicates directly with the OEM CANBUS system to monitor and interact with the electronic functions of the vehicle.

What is an Upgrade Alarm?

An Upgrade Alarm System operates in tandem with a Factory Key Fob, allowing the Factory Key Fob to Arm and Disarm the Aftermarket Alarm System. The Pandora Alarms introduce a 'Driver Tag' into the system Preventing the System from being Disarmed, unless the Driver Tag is Present. This Therefore protects the vehicle against Key Cloning and unauthorised entry, as the Pandora System will Keep the Vehicle Alarmed and Immobilised even if a Factory Fob is Pressed, and will not Disarm the System until the Driver Tag is Present.  

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