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Thatcham Cat 1 Alarms

Pandora Smart Pro v3

Pandora Smart Pro V2 Cat 1 car alarm fitted by Autodynamics best prices works with iphone and android
pandora car alarm driver tag supplied fo
Pandora Smartphone bluetooth app supplied by London Autodynamics

Pandora Smart Pro v3 is the ultimate OEM key solution with an immobiliser RF tag, Bluetooth and GSM modem for complete Smartphone integration. The system can be securely controlled from an original Factory key fob with instant notifications being relayed via Pandora's Smartphone app, notifying the user of any event. It harnesses all the benefits of Pandora advanced security protocol and Basic remote start capability, and conveniently adds your car to the list of your online-controlled gadgets.



System Features:


Total Integrated Security 

Functioning by 4.2 GHz radio frequency, a Driver tag serves as both owner validation and security controlling device, allowing for Hands Free or button-induced  arming. PIN validation is also supported. Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure an adequate response to any event. The 4.2 GHz Driver tags can also be used to enable the Anti Hijack system* please note this feature is not evaluated by Thatcham (*extra fitting costs applicable). The system monitors every sensitive area: doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc. With the Pandora Smart Pro it is now possible to add a Pandora Proximity sensor to the package, creating an invisible bubble around your vehicle.


Telemetry & App Control 

The Ultimate control solution – you can use the OEM car Remote, Bluetooth Tags, Smartphone app and web browser to access the system’s vast functionality. The systems

Built-in GSM modem allows the device to make calls, send SMS, take commands via a phone and deliver telemetry to any web device you choose. 


Telemetry and Tracking

OEM car remote, Bluetooth tags GSM modem and online service allow you to monitor various parameters of your car, view event history and track it via GPS.


GSM notifications

With a Built-in GSM modem the system is able to make calls, send texts, take commands via a phone or access online service. (*Sim Card Required for GSM/GPS/ GPRS Operation).


Remote Engine Start* 

Internet-service, mobile apps, and a GSM voice interface allow Remote Engine Start activation with automatic Engine starts by time, voltage or temperature.

The Remote start system incorporates an integrated keyless bypass algorithm for many popular makes.

(*extra fitting cost will apply)



Smartphone Apps

Pandora Online (for Android OS) and Pandora Pro (for iOS)  app allows users to access various parameters of the system, as well as telemetry and tracking from your Smartphone. The Smartphone app gives the user an interactive platform to adjust the Alarms Sensitivity Thresholds for Shock, Tilt, and Movement. The app is available for iOS and Android – download it for free from a respective app store. The Pandora Smart Pro now boasts an intelligent "auto" app mode that allows the user to automatically switch between GSM/ GPRS and Bluetooth modes enabling seamless interaction with the device.


Control over preheater

Systems allows for remote control over popular engine preheaters like Webasto or Eberspaecher, including sequential preheat and start options. The System can be directly connected to the preheater via CAN-bus.

Smart Control

Control your Pandora Smart Pro system from OEM key, Hands Free with RF tags, and Bluetooth seamlessly  from your smartphone virtually any where in the World!

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